Australian school children will today participate in International Safer Internet Day, a campaign aimed at educating kids about cybersafety.

ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman is coordinating the Aussie part of the event:

?Safer Internet Day is a fun and effective way to raise awareness of issues affecting children online? he said. ‘Cybersafety education is critical in ensuring children enjoy safe internet experiences and know how to protect themselves from threats. ACMA?s program forms an integral part of the government?s overall cybersafety strategy.’

The theme for this year is ?Life online is what YOU make of IT‘ and students are asked to consider a number of questions:

  • Is the internet a positive or negative element in today?s world?
  • Are mobile phones only about ?connecting people??
  • Can we believe everything we see on the internet?
  • Do we behave differently online then in the ?physical world??
  • How does our behaviour impact on the online environment?

Cybersmart Detective GameKids in WA (yeah Eastern folk miss out by the looks of it) will also participate in an intense game called Cybersmart Detective, where the player must solve a Internet themed problem in real-time on a secure server.

Sounds like a blast. Education (especially games) like this is the key to assisting young Australians to use the Internet safely and wisely. A positive move that there should be more of.

What did your child learn today?