Adult Paysite reviewer,, has restricted access to users visiting their site from within Australia. Their webpage states: Due to new Australian Laws this website cannot be viewed.

Screenshot of ReviewPorn blocking access to Australian Internet Users

Review Porn is likely referring to the 2007 Restricted Access Systems Declaration, but its main reach extends only to content hosted in Australia. Review Porn is hosted in the US.

Despite that, their site would probably be considered a Link Service under the Broadcasting Services Act and they may have an ‘Australian Connection’ just by linking to an adult website hosted in Australia. The Act states that a content service has Australian Connection if any of the content provided by the content service is hosted in Australia. A link is considered content under the Act.

Yet if Review Porn were in breach, the most the ACMA could do is send their host a letter alerting them about the content and one to filtering software companies asking them to add the site to their list of restricted content.

The connection appears flimsy and restricting access to Aussies seems like a weak and unnecessary move. Maybe someone with legal knowledge can elaborate until I hear back from Review Porn?

Update: 11/02/2008 A post on Adult Webmaster Forum, AWI, by a possible Review Porn webmaster says: “We’ve blocked Australian visitors to Review Porn and Lube Tube based on some legal advice we’ve received.” I have contacted Review Porn for comment but no word back yet.