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Space Chimps under review, Two Hentai films banned

Does anyone have any idea why Space Chimps is under review (PDF) by the Classification Review Board? It’s currently rated PG (Mild threatening scenes) and though I’ve never seen the film, it seems like a reasonable rating for an animation about chimps in space. Maybe too harsh a classification, maybe not harsh enough? Who knows... wants your feedback on filtering

The Government is seeking feedback about their online safety initiatives (including filtering) at The survey will take you no more than 60 seconds to complete, so head on over and let your voice be heard. Cheers to Bob for the tip off.

Fallout 3 banned for in-game drug use?

Rumor around the gaming community is that Fallout 3 has been refused classification in Australia because it contains drug use. A user on the GameSpot forums says a friend who works for the ‘OFLC’ had revealed to them that Fallout 3 has been banned for its in-game use of morphine. Under the National Classification Code,...

Peaceful Pill gets all clear in NZ, but not without a fight

Right To Life New Zealand (RTLNZ) and the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards are spitting chips after the Revised International Edition of Dr Philip Nitschke’s Peaceful Pill Handbook was approved by the countries OFLC providing it only be sold sealed to those over the age of eighteen. The original edition of the book...

When nudity equals sex and art equals pornography

I don’t need to fill you in on today’s events involving artist Bill Henson. I have little to add to the debate that hasn’t already been said and Peter Craven, the founding editor of Quarterly Essay, puts it much more eloquently than I ever could anyway. All I ask is when did nudity automatically become...

You can’t say c*nt in the kitchen

South Australian Liberal Party Senator, Cory Bernardi, has called for an examination into the effectiveness of the broadcasting codes of practice for radio and television. Why? Bernardi isn’t happy that the chef famous for swearing, Gordon Ramsay, swears on Australian TV. Supposedly, Channel 9 broadcast Ramsay saying cunt in an episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares... – Thanks for visiting

When I created NetAlarmed back in September ’07, I really didn’t expect it to get such a massive response. Originally the site mocked the filtering plans of the Howard Government and ALP (the current plan about to be implemented), and all I hoped it would do is alert potential ALP voters that while many of...