Bernardi Vs RamsaySouth Australian Liberal Party Senator, Cory Bernardi, has called for an examination into the effectiveness of the broadcasting codes of practice for radio and television.

Why? Bernardi isn’t happy that the chef famous for swearing, Gordon Ramsay, swears on Australian TV.

Supposedly, Channel 9 broadcast Ramsay saying cunt in an episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (shown at 9:30PM) this month. But as much as Bernardi likes the show, he says he recoils at the swearing and questions if it is really necessary.

During parliament on Thursday, Bernardi moved:

That the following matter be referred to the Environment, Communications and the Arts Committee for inquiry and report by 9 June 2008:

An examination into the effectiveness of the broadcasting codes of practice operating within the radio and television industry, with particular reference to:

(a) the frequency and use of coarse and foul language
(swearing) in programs;

(b) the effectiveness of the current classification standards
as an accurate reflection of the content contained
in the program;

(c) the operation and effectiveness of the complaints
process currently available to members of the public;

(d) any other related matters.

But Bernardi swears he’s no wowser. He told the media:

“We are now seeing this sort of language creep into our everyday viewing habits, and I think we have to establish was is an appropriate level. I don’t want to see it banned, I don’t to see the Australian vernacular, which is, as it’s used on television, completely taken away. What I want to see is a code of practice that is going to reflect an appropriate standard in some of these programs.”

I’m glad to see South Australia can spare yet another politician to assist in cleaning up Australia. Things must be running smooth down there.

– Mike