When I created NetAlarmed back in September ’07, I really didn’t expect it to get such a massive response. Originally the site mocked the filtering plans of the Howard Government and ALP (the current plan about to be implemented), and all I hoped it would do is alert potential ALP voters that while many of Mr Rudd’s ideas were a welcome change, his views on where the Internet was heading weren’t so welcome.

Since Senator Conroy confirmed in December that his clean feed would definitely be introduced, the amount of people visiting has increased ten fold. Better yet, people are starting to take action. From contacting their local member and Mr Conroy, to starting FaceBook groups to organise a retaliation.

So I’d just like to thank all you who visited, left feedback, and are helping in some way to put a stop to the ALP mandatory filtering plan.

Update: Monday 7 January, 2008 – Thanks to Agg and all the guys from OCAU who have checked out the site. Glad you enjoyed it.

Update: Monday 8 January, 2008 – Welcome to readers of The Australian. If you would like to stay up to date on the mandatory internet filtering situation in Australia, please subscribe to my RSS feed here.

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– Mike