First up, EFA looks at how much content on the current ACMA blacklist is illegal. Of the 781 URLs put on the blacklist in 2007 – 08, 368 of them contained legal content (PDF with summary table).

I touched briefly on this a few days back:

ACMA’s 2007 – 2008 annual report (table 25) shows the number of completed investigations in which prohibited or potentially prohibited content was located. Roughly 55% was child pornography related, with the rest mainly websites containing ‘actual sexual activity’ (X 18+) material or depictions of ’sexual fantasy’ and ’sexual fetish’ (RC).

With respect to ISPs taking part in the trial, Optus is now on board and iiNet has published in detail why they are participating. Westnet will not be.

On the lighter side, there’s a new website called It basically applies Conroy’s logic to everything.

“If you hate ducks, then you must hate children” or “if you spill kittens, then you must hate children” or “if you whistle at songs, then you must hate children.” You don’t hate children… do you?

Other new anti aussie net censorship sites to launch include Leave the Net Alone, AntiCons,, and Stop Internet Censorship in Australia.

Meanwhile, Lauredhel from Hoyden About Town has transcribed the MMM Spoonman filtering special (Part 1, 2, 3) and Mark Newton’s interview on The Today Show. I can’t thank her enough.

Finally, Gobwash directs us to this poem in honour of the “Honrouable Member for Porn” Graham Perrett. Here’s an excerpt:

Say, should an adult buy his book
Well then a naughty mite might look
Upon those pages, rude and lewd…
Immediately their lives are screwed!