AMI, who recently altered their ‘Want Longer Lasting Sex’ billboards to read ‘Want Longer Lasting Censored’, will now trial a new billboard. It’ll read ‘Bonk Longer’.

Source: LiveNews / Bob Bain for tip off

Source: LiveNews / Bob Bain for tip off

Jack Vaisman from AMI says it is much easier to explain the word ‘bonk’ in different meaning than the word sex. He told ABC News:

“The word sex you cannot avoid to tell exactly ‘What does it mean?’ But with the word ‘bonk’ you can choose something to say a different way.”

The new billboard can be seen in Sydney on Paramatta Road.

Update 17/11/2008: Some video of the new ads thanks to the No Censorship Aus YouTube channel.

Update 17/11/2008 11:29AM: Stop the clock. Complaints are in. According to ABC ‘the Advertising Standards Bureau says it has received numerous complaints about new billboards advertising a medication for sexual dysfunction.’ The board will decide the fate of the new boards within the next two weeks. More here.

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