Peter De RomeThe Melbourne Queer Film Festival (MQFF) cannot screen their special presentation, The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome, at this year’s festival. The package of shorts (currently classified X18+ in Australia) were denied exemption from classification by the OFLC even though they would have been shown to adults only.

“The MQFF is terribly disappointed not to be able to show Melbourne audiences the Peter De Rome shorts compilation. It provided a fascinating contrast with contemporary gay erotic cinema, and De Rome?s art-house influence was obvious and inspiring” Festival Director, Lisa Daniel writes on the MQFF website.

“It’s a shame a film festival which only screens such sessions to adults must submit to the censorship of Government.”

“The decision was probably made on the basis on the erotic nature of the films; the OFLC have pretty stringent guidelines about what can be shown” Daniel told Melbourne Community Voice (MVC).

A spokesperson from the OFLC told MVC she did not have specific information on why De Rome?s films had been denied exemption.

Without exemption MQFF could face fines or jail time under Victoria’s Classification Act if they were to screen the X18+ rated film to the public.

Makes you wonder why they just don’t remove ‘adults should be able to read, hear and see what they want’ from the National Classification Code.

– Mike