The 7:30 Report has taken down video of their mandatory filtering story. Thankfully, I downloaded it last night and have uploaded it so you can see just how bad it really was (the transcript doesn’t do it justice).

Why did they remove it? It might be because some viewers found the dreadfully racey images shown in the clip offensive. It might also be because they’ve become aware of the numerous inaccuracies in the report, thanks to phone calls and letters from people disgusted by Mark Bannerman’s journalism skills. Whatever the case, the 7:30 Report doesn’t want you to see it.

Update March 7: The reason the 7:30 Report removed this video from there website was because of bad editing which made it look like one of the participants was showing porn to children. The 7:30 Report issued an apology at the end of Thursday nights show. Does this report get any worse?