Remember before the election when all those Labor politicians joined MySpace and declared how ‘in touch’ they were with Australian youth. Each no doubt reveled in delight every time a 14 year old girl with purple hair added them as a friend.

Some of those fine pollies even responded to people’s questions. It was a direct line to the ALP and even Senator Conroy took full advantage of it. He must have been spending hours each day fielding questions (and shooting self-portraits). If you had a question about his mandatory filtering plan, MySpace was the place to get it answered. But that didn’t last for long.

Stephen Conroy on MySpaceSenator Conroy hasn’t signed into his MySpace account since December 21st — the exact same date he announced new age-restricted Internet and mobile content rules, and days before he confirmed Labor’s intent to filter the Internet.

I expect Mr Conroy’s MySpace inbox got a little crowded and the comments people tried to add to his profile page — well they weren’t so nice anymore.

As for other ALP members, here’s when they last signed in to their MySpace account:

Politician Last sign in
Maxine McKew 4/09/2007
Nicola Roxon 4/09/2007
Julia Gillard 27/11/2007
Arch Bevis 19/12/2007
Stephen Conroy 21/12/2007
Greg Combet 10/01/2008
Kevin Rudd 12/01/2008
Tanya Plibersek 18/01/2008
Peter Garrett 25/01/2008
Robert McClelland 28/01/2008
Anna Burke 5/02/2008
Kate Ellis 8/02/2008
Warren Snowdon 11/02/2008
Catherine King 20/02/2008
Wayne Swan 28/02/2008
Sharon Griersom 5/03/2008
Chris Bowen 6/03/2008
Mark Furner 10/03/2008
Dick Adams 11/03/2008
Bob McMullan 11/03/2008
Sharon Bird 11/03/2008

MySpace ALP All Stars

I better add those three as friends.

– Mike