I raised concerns last week about whether the Australian Sex Party (ASP) would fight for an R18+ game classification, given Eros had been opposed to one (a bad move in my opinion).

However, party convenor Fiona Patten promptly responded to my queries over the weekend and informed me that ASP does support the introduction of an R18+ classification for games, as well as an X18+ rating for games. It’s part of their ‘national and consistent approach to classification policy.’

We know ASP opposes filtering, but when it comes to Internet safety Patten says they’re currently developing a cyber-safety policy and believes education is the key, particularly education of parents. I agree.

When it comes to the availability of BDSM material and other content that could be perceived as violent, ASP would like to see the X18+ classification replaced with a NVE (Non Violent Erotica) classification and clearly consenting role playing and fantasies allowed. If that’s the case, the NVE guidelines would need to be a lot more lenient than those proposed nearly 10 years ago.

The party is also opposed to the removal of the AMI’s ‘Want Longer Lasting Sex’ billboard. Patten explains that the removal was because of an organised campaign and there was even a website that Catholic Bishop Pell promoted. ‘The word sex in it self should not be seen as inappropriate and that is what happened.’

If you have questions of your own, you can contact ASP here.