The Australian Sex Party launches tomorrow with the slogan ‘serious about sex’, but is this Eros backed party serious about reducing censorship as reported?

While the Australian Sex Party will work at abolishing the government’s proposed internet filter, their links with Eros suggest their commitment to reducing censorship may not extend beyond pornographic material. Eros continues to oppose the introduction of an R18+ classification for video games despite games of a sexual nature being potentially banned to Australian adults.

Discussing the launch and their policies, party convenor and CEO of Eros, Fiona Patten, told AAP :

“It’s (the filter) a real step backwards to where we’ve come. In fact it’s far more censorial then we probably were 30 years ago,” she told ABC Radio.

“Material that would be classified X-rated … is considered illegal content and that is material that is currently available … in newsagents.

“You will not be able to opt out of that block.”

She also spoke to AFP about the recent AMI billboard removal:

Commenting on a recent case where a company was forced to remove billboard ads for a medication promising “longer lasting sex” because of a large number of complaints, she said an “absolute fear of the word sex” had developed.

“And it’s just crazy,” Patten said. “Sex is as natural to us as food. It’s a necessary part of our lives.”

No mention of games.

Will they be any different to Eros? Will they act only in the interest of Eros members or will they fight to eradicate all forms of media censorship? I’m eager to see their policy documents tomorrow, but I think only time will tell.

Update 20/11/08 11:40AM: ASP policies now online and games get a mention:

To bring about the establishment of a truly national classification scheme which includes a uniform non-violent erotica rating for explicit adult material for all jurisdictions and through all media including the Internet and computer games.

There’s also an interview with Fiona Patten conducted on The Morning Show this morning available on YouTube.