It has been revealed that ACMA has blacklisted a page on the whistle-blower website that contains a leaked copy of the Danish blacklist of banned websites.

Like the anti-abortion page recently blacklisted by ACMA, this page was also submitted to the media authority for investigation by a Whirlpool user. The complainant, ‘Tardis42’, believes there may be possible repercussions for publishing the link to the now-blacklisted page on Whirlpool, though they hope they wouldn’t be targeted given the depth of links on the list and the fact they have not visited any of them.

EFA writes about this latest incident:

The spin is starting to wear thin. It can no longer be denied that the blacklist targets a huge range of material that is legal and even uncontroversial. Politically controversial material will be blocked, as we have seen today. As time goes on, pressure will only mount on the Government to expand the list, while money and effort are poured into an enormous black box that will neither help kids nor stem the flow of illegal material.