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Steve Irons MP

Liberal MP Steve Irons wants a board game that he says encourages alcohol abuse banned from sale in Australia. The game in question, Pass-out, has players travel around the game board taking drinks and reciting tongue twisters. It’s been around in board game form since at least 1962.

But Irons says ‘In a society now that’s trying to reduce binge drinking, here we have companies still selling games that encourage drinking to the extent that we pass out, which is just crazy.’

pass-out-board-gameAccording to ABC News, Irons can’t understand why a board game called ‘Pass-Out’ is sold here without any classification.

He believes the board game is a submittable publication (written or pictorial matter that may be unsuitable for a minor to see or read, likely to classified RC or is likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult) and the Australian Classification Board has the authority to classify it. Anyone know of a board game that doesn’t include video or computer game elements being classified?

He’s also challenged the Government to restrict the game from being advertised. I guess that’s the next best thing in Mr Irons’ book.

Personally, I think he might want to take a look at the real issue of minors obtaining alcohol before he tries to stop adults from participating in drinking games.

In the meantime lets do a shot every time an MP thinks banning something is a solution to a problem.

Via Melon Farmers.

Now for some actual video game news:

EFA says an adult classification for games is still stonewalled. Geordie Guy writes:

Not only is Mr Atkinson unrelenting in his position to cement Australia’s status as the only developed nation not to have an adult categorisation for computer games, he is still displaying woeful deliberate ignorance of the key issues involved.