A web page on Wikileaks that was recently blacklisted by ACMA because it contains a copy of Denmark’s Internet blacklist is also published on the defunct DBCDE blog. (Update 4:45PM: DBCDE has restricted access to the page with a log in form. Link to cached version added).


Partial screenshot of the DBCDE blog comment, 3PM 18 march 2009.

That’s fine with me as it’s a good example of how futile Internet censorship is — information spreads fast and no government can stop it — not even on their own website. The fact the URL was posted by a DBCDE blog commenter might also show the Government how content created by a third party can get a website tangled in a filter. However, someone should warn them about those nasty 11k-per-day fines if ACMA gets wind of it.

Thanks to Jim Stewart for pointing it out in his video on Aussie net censorship.