Barack Obama

Barack Obama. You’ve heard his name 400 times today, so why not once more. Here’s a brief look at Obama’s policies on media censorship and net neutrality:

Television, Film and Internet Censorship:

…As a parent, yes, I am concerned about what’s coming over the airwaves. Now, right now, my daughters mostly are on Nickelodeon, but they know how to work that remote. And, you know, the primary responsibility is for parents. And I reject the notion of censorship as an approach to dealing with this problem.

Barack Obama, Democratic Debate January 31, 2008 – 20:00 ET Kodak Theatre LA

Policy extract (source): ‘Barack Obama believes that the openness of the new media world should be seen as an opportunity as much as some see it as a threat. We live in the most information-abundant age in history and the people who develop the skills to utilize its benefits are the people who will succeed in the 21st century. But Barack Obama also recognizes that lurking out there are the darker corners of the media world: from Internet predators to hateful messages to graphic violence and sex.’

‘Obama values our First Amendment freedoms and our right to artistic expression and does not view regulation as the answer to these concerns. Instead, an Obama administration will give parents the tools and information they need to control what their children see on television and the Internet in ways fully consistent with the First Amendment.’

– ‘Obama will work to give parents the tools to prevent reception of programming that they find offensive on television and on digital media. Private entities like Common Sense Media are pursuing a ?sanity not censorship? approach, which can serve as a model for how to use technology to empower parents without offending the First Amendment.’

– ‘Obama will encourage industry not to show inappropriate adult-oriented commercial advertising during children?s programming.’

– ‘On the Internet, Obama will require that parents have the option of receiving parental controls software that not only blocks objectionable Internet content but also prevents children from revealing personal information through their home computer.’

– ‘To further protect children online, Obama supports tough penalties, increased enforcement resources and forensic tools for law enforcement, and collaboration between law enforcement and the private sector to identify and prosecute people who abuse the Internet to try to exploit children.’

Network neutrality

Policy extract (source): ‘A key reason the Internet has been such a success is because it is the most open network in history. It needs to stay that way. Barack Obama strongly supports the principle of network neutrality to preserve the benefits of open competition on the Internet. Users must be free to access content, to use applications, and to attach personal devices.’

‘Obama will protect the Internet?s traditional openness to innovation and creativity and ensure that it remains a platform for free speech and innovation that will benefit consumers and our democracy.’

Sensible policy. Read it all on his website. Aussie pollies please take note.