Hetty Johnston is the Incredible HettyIt’s been a long day (work), so let’s make it quick: The controversial Bill Henson photograph that featured on an invitation to his exhibition has been rated PG by the Classification Board.

David Marr writes that while a minority of the classification board thought the impact of the picture was moderate, none of the classifiers called for any restriction on its display.

NSW police have decided not to lay charges and Henson says he’s reassured the law still allows the expression of ideas.

But Hetty. Not. Happy.

Hetty Johnston from BraveHearts says the images are clearly taken in a ?sexual context” and believes Henson took the photos to satisfy his own purpose, despite the public benefit and the law. She’s got a petition doing the rounds.

While Hetty’s banging her desk with her head over photographs that half of Australia (and now the Classification Board) consider art, I wonder if her organisation and it’s clients are suffering?