AMI's new billboard.

AMI's new billboard. Teaching kids how stupid censorship is?

Advanced Medical Institute has begun rolling out their new billboards which will read ‘Want Longer Lasting Censored?

AMI CEO Jack Vaisman had this to say about the change:

We have to comply with the Advertising Standards Bureau regulations and we decided that we would change the message and we appeal to the public through our interviews and asked if anyone could come up with a better substitute for the word ‘sex’. Someone suggested “censored” and the idea stuck. Stark black and white lettering now sits over the old billboard’s red and yellow colour palette.

But one parent in Stanwell Park south of Sydney couldn’t wait. Steve took it upon himself to alter one of the billboards in his area, changing sex to sox. He told the Herald:

‘It wasn’t done for notoriety and nor are we wowsers, we just got sick ‘n’ tired of our kids having to be subjected to ‘sexual inadequacy’ and ‘limp-penis’ adverts everyday when going past on their school bus.’

If kids weren’t confused before, they will be now. Longer Lasting Sox. Heavens.

No one will forget that the word behind that giant censored is ‘sex’. It isn’t offensive and it’s not naughty (even in the context of the advertisement), yet it’s censored. Maybe those parents who claimed not to support censorship yet rallied behind the billboard removal will be more comfortable explaining what censored means to their children instead of sex.

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