The video at the centre of a criminal case brought against Queensland resident Chris Illingworth, which shows a baby being swung around in the arms of an adult, has been classified as just MA15+ by the Australian Classification Board.

Asher Moses at SMH writes:

The Australian Communications and Media Authority, responding to a complaint about the video on July 9, sent the clip to the Classification Board, which classified the content MA15+.

Under the Classification Board’s guidelines, the impact of MA15+ material “should be no higher than strong” and violence and strong themes “should be justified by context”. MA15+ material is considered unsuitable for persons under 15 years of age.

“As a result of the Classification Board’s decision, the content is not prohibited under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992,” read a letter from ACMA, seen by this website.

Queensland Police has said any Australians who simply view the clip could face a maximum of 10 years in jail but today it refused to comment on the apparent disparity between its and the Classification Board’s definition of child-abuse material.

“As the matter is currently before the courts it would be inappropriate to comment,” a Queensland Police spokesman said.

The information on the Classification Board’s classification decision has been passed on to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. A spokesman said Illingworth’s case would be reviewed.

The video is believed to be a Russian circus family training and Illingworth was not involved in the production.

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