Have we entered the Twilight Zone? The Queensland Government have announced they will ban skateboarding and rollerblading at night, while the NSW Government wants energy drinks like V and Red Bull taken off the market.


Dog terrorises Queensland streets on skateboard

Dog terrorises the streets

According to Queensland Transport Minister Rachel Nolan, Queensland needs the night ban because riders become almost invisible to motorists after sundown. “I’m not anti-fun, I’m pro-safety” she told the media.

“This is just as much about common courtesy as it is about common sense.” she said. “These riders need to look out for other people out walking or cycling on our roadways too.”

Here’s the clincher:

A spokeswoman for the minister did not have any road toll or injury statistics to hand that supported the ban.

Brisbane Times

Many Brisbane riders took to the Goodwill Bridge last night to protest, but it looks like the changes will be in place by October with riders who break the new laws copping a $40 fine.

Law enforcement dollars well spent Queensland.


Another victim of the NSW caffeine-in-a-can trade

Another victim of the NSW caffeine-in-a-can trade

One might forgive the NSW Government for trying to divert attention away from certain political matters at the moment, but Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald has diverted them to a black hole of knee-jerk stupidity.

He announced today the Government will look at how it could go about taking energy drinks with high levels of caffeine off the shelves. It comes after ‘five year 7 students from Quakers Hill reportedly suffered side effects including dizziness and nausea after consuming the drinks on their way to school.’ Exactly, what drinks they consumed, the report doesn’t say.

Mr Macdonald urged parents to talk to their children about the dangers of drinking too much caffeine.

“Parental guidance on this one is important,” he said.

“But if we can get them off the market, we will.”


Care to make it an East Coast hat-trick Victoria?