Big Brother is over. Let us now rejoice in the outrage it stirred up over the years.

5. Little people can be porn stars

Rima Big Brother Australia 2008If porn scandals are ratings winners, imagine the magnitude of a porn scandal involving a midget? Too bad for the media though — their porn scandal turned out to be a few self shot nude pics of Rima, the below average height contestant from this years series. Way to tame to whip up any heat.

4. Offensive cops

Victorian PoliceIn 2003 an ex Victorian police officer in the house is alleged to have been previously arrested for offensive behaviour and exposing himself. He was not convicted and served a good behaviour bond.

3. Boobs ahoy

Krystal Big BrotherBreast implants are a mandatory feature of Big Brother and the 2006 series was no exception. It didn’t take long for people to question if 19 year old Krystal’s implants sent the right message to teenage girls. Would there be an old fashioned Boob Rush? Should I buy shares in silicone? The big questions were asked.

2. John Howard is turkey basted

John Howard Turkey SlappedThe unheard of Turkey Slap becomes a household name. It sweeps the nation, boardgames are in the works, and a film deal to cash in on the craze is sealed.? Okay, maybe not, but it did go right to the top — The PM weighed in:

Here’s a great opportunity for Channel 10 to do a bit of self-regulation and get this stupid program off the air.’

Fielding and Beazley shared their thoughts as well. QLD police chose not to investigate.

1. New name, same game: Uncut outrage

Big Brother Uncut

It’s a moral loon feeding frenzy. The Australian Family Association labels it ‘Big Brothel,’ MP Trish Draper says it’s an outrage, and after receiving complaints, the ABA agrees that Big Brother Uncut needs be cleaned up.

In 2006, Channel Ten changes the name of Uncut to Adults Only and as per ACMA requirements, they compile each episode well before going to air so classification changes can be made if required. Two classifiers are devoted to the task and showing live footage is no longer possible.

Before 2006 is out, Ten crumbles to pressure: Big Brother Adults Only gets the chop. The airwaves remain sin free and softcore porn is never seen on television again.