Sex Alien to Australians

The ACMA has ruled Channel Ten breached the TV Code when it aired a sexy episode of Californication in October 2007. Threesomes, oral sex, rear-entry penetration, and female ejaculation proved too much for two viewers, who complained to 10 and later the ACMA.

ACMA found that sexual activity depicted in a scene in the program was not discreetly implied or discreetly simulated (as required under the code), due to the length of the scene, the amount of detail it contained and its conceptual strength. While Network Ten advised that the program had been edited to meet the Australian classification guidelines, ACMA decided that the editing was insufficient and as a result the program was not suitable for television. The MA category comprises the strongest material that is permitted for broadcast on commercial television (apart from the Adult Violence (AV) category).?

ACMA PR and report.

Two complaints is clearly not representative of community standards. Time for a review of classification guidelines, guys?