If it wasn’t such a serious issue (and one that has been around for well over a year in Labor land), Senator Conroy’s game of dodge-the-question in parliament today would be comedy gold.

Conroy not only fails to answer a single question put forth by Senator Cory Bernardi (good questions, at that, for a guy who wants swearing banned), but he also appears angry at his counterparts for simply not supporting the plan. A ‘how dare you question me’ attitude.

Bernardi requested details from Conroy about how many customers an ISP would need to enlist for a live filtering trial to be credible and whether the results would be independently examined. He also asked whether the Senator had determined what ‘unwanted’ content was, and why the Government is shutting down NetAlert before it had another solution in place (Conroy says it’s a ‘lemon’).

Watch below thanks to Tech Wired Australia:

He’s making you look real good, Mr Rudd. Real good.