As State and Territory Attorney’s-General meet in Canberra for SCAG, GameSpot has confirmed that the upcoming PC game Necrovision has been refused classification for excessive violence. This is the first game of 2009 that the Australian Classification Board has banned.

GameSpot writes:

The Board specifically called out excessive blood spray and the ability to continue to inflict damage on bodies as key reasons for the banning. “When the player shoots an enemy combatant, a large volume of blood spray results and the enemy may be dismembered or decapitated. Injury detail is high with pieces of flesh seen flying from bodies when shot or a high level of wound detail visible on bodies. Post mortem damage occurs when bodies are shot resulting in blood spray, dismemberment and decapitation,” the Board said in a statement to GameSpot AU.

I’m told matters of censorship are usually discused on the second day of SCAG (Friday 16). Hopefully new bikie laws aren’t the only thing getting attention.

For a timeline of game censorship in Australia, see