Malcolm Turnbull may not be the silver bullet that kills censorship in Australia, but he does provide a better shot at it than Keven Rudd and the ALP.

At his first media conference as leader of the opposition, Turnbull commented on something that lies at the heart of what makes the current Government and censorship such compatible partners: Labor believes government knows best, the Liberal’s aren’t so vain. That’s probably more of a half-truth than anything, but it’s the first part that counts. The ALP’s Internet censorship policy is evidence.

Kevin Rudd and Stephen Conroy think they know what’s best for you and your family when it comes to what’s flowing between you and your ISP. I’m not sure Turnbull shares the same view. During the Olympics he urged Rudd to send a strong message to China that Internet censorship is unacceptable:

‘The thing he has got to be doing is getting his message across (that) we, as Australians, believe in freedom of expression.’

Freedom of expression? Isn’t that the thing Senator Conroy equated with viewing child pornography?

Turnbull didn’t find out about the web last week either. He was chair of Ozemail between 1994 and 1999 and has a website that rivals a US presidential candidate. His dog even blogs.

Malcolm with his blogger dog.

Malcolm with his blogger dog. Looks vicious.

When Kevin Rudd was running around the country like a headless chook screaming how revoloting Bill Henson’s photographs were, Turnbull was condemning the police for raiding art galleries:

I think we have a culture of great artistic freedom in this country.

He also owns two Henson works, albeit non-nudes.

And when it comes to therapeutic cloning and RU486, Turnbull doesn’t let his Catholic faith get in the way of his support.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not backing the man. It’s too early and he’s got a lot to proove. The Lib’s have a long way to come as Colin Jacobs points out here with respect to their recent push for an all out Aboriginal Pay TV porn ban. A long, long way.

However, if I had to choose on the spot who I think gives Australia the best chance of a less restrictive censorship system, I’d name Turnbull. Rudd and many of his ministers have already shown they have no respect for our rights.