Managing director of Internode, Simon Hackett, says his ISP isn’t intending to participate in the government’s live filtering trial. Hackett says doing so would just dignify a badly flawed policy with implied approval.

“The point here is that it doesn’t matter how well the trials work, mandatory filtering for the entire population via a secret blacklist is not in the spirit or the practice anyone expected as the outcome of the official reason for all of this (an optional ‘clean’ feed for protecting children)

And worse, as we all appreciate here (don’t we?), mandatory filtering is trivial to circumvent and its impossible to block that circumvention. So the entire sum being proposed to be spent on technical solutions is being entirely wasted. Not slightly wasted, entirely.”

Hackett wants his taxes spent on education and better resourcing for the Australian Federal Police. Likewise.

Earlier this week managing director of iiNet, Michael Malone, announced he would sign up to the “ridiculous” trials to show the government that their filter would not work.