In response to an application from the Minister for Home Affairs (at whose request I wonder), the Classification Review Board has changed the consumer advice for Charlie Wilson’s War from ‘Moderate coarse language and drug references, Violence’ to ‘Moderate coarse language, drug references and violence; partial nudity’. It remains classified M.

Classification Review Board Acting Convenor, Trevor Griffin, says:

In the Classification Review Board’s opinion Charlie Wilson’s War warrants this change in consumer advice because an initial hot tub scene, which sets the tone of the movie and contributes to the M rating of the film, depicts some partial nudity. In addition, the Review Board considered that the consumer advice should raise the description of violence to ‘moderate’ level.

I’m surprised the ACB didn’t hand it a partial nudity label to begin with. I expect the nudity was not only partial, but also brief (there was lots of bubbles, right?). I’ll happily rewatch — great film.