Dark Sector banned in Australia

The censors have Refused Classification on the PS3 and Xbox 360 game Dark Sector, saying it’s violence ‘exceeds strong’ and therefore cannot be rated MA15+.

Gaming website IGN says the Classification Board report calls it a violent and sometimes gruesome game with a sinister storyline and ominous outcome.

“The violence and aggression inflicted upon the protagonist is of a high level, naturalistic and not stylised at all.”

The third-person shooter revolves around a covert operative on mission in Eastern Europe who comes face to face with the aftermath of a virus which turns it’s victims into senseless killing machines. He himself finds the virus has granted him special powers.

The developers will now edit the game to make it suitable for Australian audiences and resubmit it for classification.

It’s easy to blame the censors in cases like this, but they abide by the guidelines they’ve been set. The real problem is there is no R rating for games despite the average age of Aussie gamers being 28 years old. The power to create one is in the hands of the State Censorship Ministers. Write and demand change.