Somebody Think of the Children
Fighting Censorship

Video: ISP filtering and protecting children online

One of my regular readers, Sean The Blogonaut, has posted part one of his three part video series on ISP filtering and protecting children online. As Sean stresses, education and policing are the keys to protecting children, not filtering. Watch below or here.

Comic: Have Your Bunny Repeatedly

A comic strip thanks to First Dog On The Moon, Crikey and EFA:

A letter against filtering from a concerned Christian mother

This letter from a concerned Christian parent is a quality read. While Senator Conroy would like to make out only illegal porn peddlers and terrorists are opposed to net censorship, it’s letters like these that show no matter what your religion, race, age or sex, mandatory ISP filtering will have a negative effect on you...

Big list of No Aussie Net Censorship posters

Anti Internet censorship posters are popping up everywhere. Print em, stick em, put em on your web page, get the word out. Got one I don’t have? Email or Skype me. If you created one of these and I haven’t credited you, please let me know.

EFA filtering updates on Twitter

Electronic Frontiers Australia is now on Twitter. Follow @efa_oz. What’s Twitter? It’s a simple service that let’s you stay on top of what’s happening with your friends, or in this case, what’s happening with filtering and EFA. Or as Wikipedia puts it: Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users...

Where’s your MP stand on filtering? New website keeps score

A wiki has been set up to record which members of the Senate and House of Representatives are in favour of and against mandatory ISP filtering. The site relies on us to submit the responses we receive from our honorable representatives so get cracking here.

Video: Angry Aussie’s guide to mandatory ISP filtering

If you’re not sure what the deal is with the Government’s Net censorship plan or you don’t know what you can do to stop it, Angry Aussie has a great 10 minute video lesson on YouTube. Watch below or share it with your friends who think Internet censorship only happens in places like China.

Chinese net censorship campaign, Game ban petition

Amnesty International Australia is launching a social media campaign aimed at getting Australian bloggers to unite and support their Chinese counterparts who have been banned or imprisoned by the Chinese government for expressing their right to freedom of speech online. Sophie Peer from Amnesty says a lot of Australian’s are concerned that Chinese style Internet...

Tell GetUp you think censorship is a big issue

Community action group GetUp is asking Australian’s what big issues deserve attention in 2008. So don’t delay – let them know you oppose mandatory filtering and censorship. Let them know it’s a big issue and one they should help stop. The great thing about GetUp is they have over 200 thousand supporters and the power...

U.S. Launches assault on Internet censorship

The U.S. State Department has been given $15 Million by Congress to develop anti-censorship tools and services which could help Internet users breach electronic firewalls set up by China, Iran and other ?closed societies.? Defense News reports that the budget is to be “awarded competitively to software developers to produce internet technology programs and protocols...

How do I explain to friends & colleagues why we shouldn’t introduce mandatory filtering

One question some of you might be asking is: How do I explain to my friends/co-workers/partner/dog why we shouldn’t introduce mandatory ISP filtering in Australia? Louise Schaper wrote me with a great letter which includes a number of points you can mention (content written in orange is where I have added additional information): It won’t...

Sign the petition against mandatory Internet filtering

As requested, a petition has been set up. Sign it to show you disagree with mandatory Internet filtering in Australia: It will take just 30 seconds. Max.