Could there be a bigger and more disgusting waste of Government resources: QLD Premier Anna Bligh has sicked her dogs, the State’s Attorney-General and Police service, onto Wicked rental vans for what’s been described as a ‘highly offensive’ slogan.

According to the Cairns Post, a Cairn’s resident complained about one of the companies vans with ‘Lick My† . . . . ‘ painted on it in Japanese characters. (UPDATE 24/08/08: It translates to ‘Lick My Cunt‘)

I don’t know what the last word is because the Cairns Post self-censored, but it’s probably safe to say it says cock or balls (there’s also the chance there is no third mystery word and the complainant considered his own thoughts worthy of censorship) . Those of you who can read Japanese, please feel free to translate:

Can you translate what is written on this van? Please leave a comment.

'Lick My Cunt' is what's written in Japanese on the side of this van, according to readers of StotC. Thanks to those who translated!

The Post writes:

“I have asked police and the Attorney-General to investigate whether it breaches Queensland law and if not Iím happy to look at ways to rid our streets of this rubbish,” Ms Bligh told The Weekend Post.

“The owners of the vans are grubby and acting irresponsibly.”

The outraged resident, Mark, sent the letter to the paper after his Japanese wife translated it for him.

“Itís terrible. If you walked around in a T-shirt with that written on it in English, you would be arrested,” he said.

In QLD that’s probably not far off the mark.

But Wicked says that van was resprayed a year ago:

Wicked boss Dave Kinkead confirmed the company had owned a van with those slogans.

“As far as I am aware it was resprayed about a year ago and the last word was changed to something non sexual,” he said.

While Anna Bligh concerns herself with moral decay and other such pressing Roman matters, the State’s public transport and health systems remain a pathetic joke. What’s more offensive?