Those wacky family groups are at it again. This time it’s over a Vodka Cruiser promotion where customers at thirteen liquor outlets across Sydney were given free condoms and the chance to win a pole dancing kit.

Angela Conway from the Australian Family Association told the media that the offer was promoting a “booze-drenched culture” among young people and it and it encouraged people to “get caught up in having casual sex with little consideration of the consequences.”

Yeah, Ang. I dunno about you, but most people don’t need a free condom for encouragement. Heck, I’d say a good majority of people aged between 18 and 30 (male and female) carry one in their wallet or purse anyway.

Let’s be realistic: Alcohol often leads to sex. If we can get a condom into the hands of consumers (even as a tacky marketing ploy) the chances of some fool catching an STD or becoming involved in an unplanned pregnancy is probably that little bit less. It’s certainly doing no harm… or is it…

Vodka Cruiser free condom promotion

Independent Distillers Australia says the promo was not authorised by them and was the work of one salesman. They’ve now pulled the plug on it.