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Interview: Tech Wired chats to Mark Newton about the live trial

Ben Grubb over at Tech Wired AU has another excellent interview with Mark Newton about filtering, in particular the call for ISPs to particpate in a live trial. Mark says the Technical Testing Framework released yesterday is one of the most sloppily written documents he’s seen coming out of the government and thinks the EOI...

Video: EFA interview on Channel Seven’s Morning Show

Here’s Dale Clapperton’s interview with the Morning Show on Channel 7 form this morning. Also: Sunrise video here (including phone poll). You’ve got to watch this. Kochie has no clue.

Interview: Internode’s Mark Newton talks filtering

Ben Grubb (who copped a bit of flack for his interview with Tim Marshall) has interviewed Internode network engineer Mark Newton. Mark is the guy who confirmed our suspicions that there wouldn’t be any way to completely opt-out of ISP filtering. In this rather in depth interview, Mark notes that ISPs not taking part in...