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Is Conroy deceiving the public about what his filter will ban?

Senator Conroy says awarding him the title of Internet Villain of the Year is misguided and that the people have been mislead into what the Government is doing in terms of filtering the Internet. However, in doing so the Minister for Communications has shown he is either deliberately misleading the public about the type of...

Australian Government’s attempt to gag ISP filter critic backfires

Breaking: SMH has revealed how Belinda Dennett, a policy adviser for Senator Conroy, tried to ‘bully’ Internode Network Engineer Mark Newton into keeping quiet with his criticisms of the Government’s clean feed proposal. Newton wrote on Whirlpool earlier this week that he had received personal attacks from Conroy’s office, but didn’t mention what they were....

New Zealand talks Aussie clean feed

Now New Zealand is making fun of us because of our looming clean feed. They’ve even reminded us that ex Tasmanian Senator Paul Calvert once said you have only got to press P on the Internet to get porn.

ACMA agrees education as effective as filtering

Just like most of us have been saying since day one: education is the key to helping protect children from the dangers they face when accessing the web. Stephen Conroy’s own department practically agrees. The ACMA’s latest report says education about online safety would be just as effective as internet filtering to prevent children from...