Outraged parents, nude teachers, and classroom protests. The only thing that could make this story anymore insane would be a pack of axe wielding albino midgets.

Naked Teacher who posed in Cleo sackedStudents of Sydney primary school teacher Lynne Tziolas have started a petition to have her reinstated after she was sacked for appearing naked in Cleo magazine. Lynne, who teaches year 1, was shafted from her public school teaching position after some parents complained about the article in which she discusses the bedroom habits of her and her husband.

It’s definitely an overstepping of teaching ethics!” parent Michelle Carroll blabbered (not bothering to explain why). Another raised concern about the petition being created in school time.

Thankfully, parents who have a clue are supporting Lynne. Like her students, one is also gathering signatures demanding she get her job back.

“It’s an adult magazine and the children are not going to view it. She is a fantastic teacher and an inspiration for the choir” another parent added.

Just goes to show people: if you’re a teacher (and have sex), don’t discuss it anywhere. Play it safe and just don’t have sex. After all, it’s unethical.