I contacted Queensland’s three major political players this month to find out their position on introducing an R18+ classification for computer games. The results are not surprising.


The Borg

Lawrence Springborg is firm: LNP¬† ‘have have no intention of changing the current laws’. The Borg says ‘Games and films are a matter for the Film and Classification board that must be assessed on their content.’ You’re right Borg; they are a matter for the ACB, but they are also a matter for Queensland as the fate of an R18+ rating for games rests in the hands of each state’s Attorney-General.

The QLD Greens on the other hand do support the introduction of an R18+ rating. They want to keep video game classification in line with other media such as films.

Unfortunately, QLD Labor failed to respond. Last year a senior policy adviser for QLD Attorney-General Kerry Shine said that while adults arguably should be allowed to access R18+ computer games, the introduction of such a classification increases the risk of minors being exposed to age-inappropriate material (as if they aren’t already because of the lack of an adult classification). He said enforcement of the rating might be difficult to achieve in the home. So where do they stand? I suspect we’ll have to wait and see.

Queensland goes to the polls on Saturday, 21 March.