Margaret Pomeranz

Margaret Pomeranz (ABC At The Movies promo shot)

Margaret Pomeranz will join copyright lawyer Raena Lea-Shannon to discuss censorship and film classification at UNSW tomorrow, 16 October.

They’ll be focusing on the movie Mysterious Skin (R18+) which was described as a “how-to manual of sexual abuse” by some family groups as well as SA A-G Michael Atkinson. The OFLC didn’t agree. They found the tough subject matter was handled sensitively and the film unambiguously condemns child sexual abuse. Read about that case at Refused Classification and attend tomorrow if you’re free.

When: 12 till 1.30pm, Thursday 16 October
Robert Webster Building, Room 327, UNSW KENSINGTON CAMPUS
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If you’d like to go RSVP to Jodi Brooks on 9385 5635.