It’s finally here (and about time). The Federal Government is inviting submissions from the Australian public on whether the Australian National Classification Scheme should include an R18+ rating for video games.

Download the paper here: DOC | PDF.

According to the sixteen page paper, the government aims to summarise some of the key arguments for and against an adult game rating and gather community views. It does not intend to ‘promote or oppose the introduction of an R 18+ classification for computer games’.

Despite claims in the past from some of those opposed that an R18+ classification would see a flood of sexually violent games hitting Australian shores, the paper is quick to point out that even with the introduction of an R18+ classification, games which would be classified Refused Classification for content such as sexual violence would still be refused classification.

Submissions can be made by downloading and completing the submission template available on the Attorney-General’s website. Submissions must be received by close of business 28 February 2010.