Okay, we all know the only reason News.com.au published a story about a former AbbyWinters (NSFW) model and current contestant on Channel Nine’s The Farmer Wants A Wife is because the mention of boobs is a surefire click booster. At the end of the day it’s her business if she wants to shack up with a farmer on a reality TV show. What’s it matter if she’s posed nude?

But here’s where it get’s stupid:

Angela Conway from the Australian Family Association says casting agencies need to take more responsibility.

WTF. An adult model is not allowed to appear on TV, Angela? She’s not allowed to get married? I’m not quite sure where Angela’s going with that comment.

I watched the video and saw the pictures on AbbyWinters a few weeks back and they are tastefully done. Many would even consider them art — which is a lot more than I can say for the trash that News.com.au chruns out.