Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has withdrawn all support for the Government’s mandatory ISP filtering scheme according to SMH. Asher Moses reports:

Senator Nick Xenophon previously indicated he may support a filter that blocks online gambling websites but in a phone interview today he withdrew all support, saying “the more evidence that’s come out, the more questions there are on this”.

Whether that is for the filter proposal in it’s current form or mandatory filtering in general, I don’t know. Xenophon may support a less restrictive, though still mandatory filter in my opinion, but the following could signal he won’t:

Xenophon said instead of implementing a blanket mandatory censorship regime the Government should instead put the money towards educating parents on how to supervise their kids online and tackling “pedophiles through cracking open those peer-to-peer groups”.

Shoot Nick an email and let him know you support his decision.

Moses also writes that Nick Minchin has obtained independent legal advice saying that “legislation of some sort will almost certainly be required” for the Government to pursue their mandatory filtering regime.

All positive news, but don’t forget filtering is just as much in the cards now as it was yesterday, last week and last year. Until The Government drops it or it’s been voted out, Internet censorship is planned for Australia.