Make sure your customers don’t download music they shouldn’t be, or risk jail and fines of up to 60k. That’s the warning MIPI (pseudo cops/Music Industry Piracy Investigations) gave Aussie Internet cafe owners yesterday.

MIPI told SMH that “it will also consider civil action against internet cafes simply unaware their customers are downloading content illegally.

Their new fact sheet for Internet cafes, Are You & Your Customers Doing The Right Thing?, lists a number of things owners should do to prevent customers downloading music for free where it should be purchased.

These include:

  • Watch traffic levels for internet caf? users that are hogging bandwidth.
  • Set firewall rules that screen out infringing files and illicit services, for example through blocking particular internet addresses, ports or protocols on which file sharing often occurs.
  • ?Control file-sharing by banning unauthorised file sharing software…

Next time you use a computer at a net cafe, make sure the owner isn’t watching you. MIPI may just be breathing down his neck.