The Australian Classification Board has banned L.A. Zombie from screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival. According to The Age, the ACB refused to issue an exemption for the festival to show the film based ‘on information submitted by MIFF,  inspection of the film and the classification history of the director”.

Festival director Richard Moore told The Age that ‘Bruce LaBruce’s blend of sex  and violence can be confronting’, but he argues that within the  context of the festival, it is ‘nonsensical and patronising to not allow  people to decide what they want to see’.

By taking a look at the photo gallery on the film’s official website, it’s easy to see why L.A Zombie would have had the ACB squirming in their seats; There’s leather, guns and dongs. Multiple types of flesh eating too.

Another case of the Walking Braindead in the annals of Australian   censorship history.