Network Performancing Daily has Interviewed Mark Newton about filtering. Not a great deal of new information, but it’s worth listening to or reading just to stay up to date with what’s happening.


‘So I’d make the comment – and this is – I guess – bringing things back to the center a little bit: We have been living in a world now, with ubiquitous access to uncensored online services for about three decades. Society has not fallen apart. Parents are not bringing up children in moral values that make them turn into axe murderers and rapists. ‘

‘We are clearly, as a society, coping with this stuff. And it isn’t actually a serious problem. And if you’ve been having something that isn’t a serious problem, part of your life for thirty years, implementing government censorship to control that is actually a very radical position and rather than asking for what you can do instead, you actually need to be saying to the radicals, why are you doing this in the first place? Justify your existence. Tell us why it is necessary to even care about this problem. Because as society is clearly able to deal with it without anything like what you are proposing in place.’

Check it out here.

Cheers for the tip off Ben.