Update March 10 2009: Google Australia’s Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Rob Shilkin, has revealed that YouTube received a DMCA notice from lawyers acting on behalf of Freeview Australia Limited to remove the video. Freeview Marketing Manager, Liz Howarth, yesterday denied they had made a complaint. More information at Magaret Simons’ blog and TWAU.

A parody of the Freeview TV commercial has been removed from YouTube due to a ‘terms of use violation‘, but it’s creators maintain their Mash-Up is fair comment and thereby the use of it and a Ford Fiesta TVC is fair use. Watch a copy of the spoof ad below (or if it’s gone, see a high resolution .MOV version here).

Last week it was alleged Freeview would be taking legal action against the creators of the spoof, but that turned out not to be true. Find out more here and listen to an interview with one of the creators, comedian Dan Ilic, on TechWired AU.