ACMA’s decision to issue Whirlpool’s host Bulletproof Networks with a link take-down notice last week was big news and rightfully so. If the Rudd government is already attempting to censor free speech, it doesn’t take much to imagine the severe consequences of having a mandatory filter in place.

However, it wasn’t the only net filtering news worth noting.

Radio National’s Background Briefing piece on filtering is now available to listen to here. Wendy Carlisle’s report is in my opinion the most in depth media piece to date. She speaks with the AFP, Irene Graham, Senator Cory Bernardi and a number of others. Naturally, Senator Conroy declined to take part and Jim Wallace hopes the filter causes the sex industry go broke. I recommend listening in full.

Meanwhile, Senator Scott Ludlam is alarmed that Australia has joined South Korea in being placed under surveillance by Reporters without Borders for imposing anti-democratic internet restrictions. That Reporters without Borders report is here. now includes research about what methods the Government have, or may have, for implementing compulsory ISP-level filtering. Covered is legislation, legislative instruments and non-legislative means.

stephen_fryTo other side of the globe and UK actor and comedian Stephen Fry says there are slums, red light districts and really sleazy areas on the Internet where you wouldn’t want your children wandering alone. Too right.

Fry says what you don’t need is a huge authority or a series of identity cards and police escorts to take you round the city because you can’t be trusted to do it yourself or for your children to do it.

And I think people must understand that about the internet – it is a new city, it’s a virtual city and there will be parts of it of course that they dislike, but you don’t pull down London because it’s got a red light district. – Fry