Funding for the DBCDE’s cyber-safety plan (PDF, page 42) which includes mandatory ISP filtering remains relatively untouched in the latest Federal Budget.

Flick to page 22 of the 2009-10 DBCDE PBS 02 Section 1 (PDF, 139.7 kb) and you’ll see filtering remains part of the Government’s plan. Under initiatives continuing from previous years:

$125.8 million over four years was committed in 2008-09 for the Government’s Cyber-safety Plan.  The plan includes a range of cyber-safety measures encompassing education, international cooperation, research, law enforcement and filtering

It’s also included as a deliverable on page 44 of 2009-10 DBCDE PBS 03 DBCDE section 2 (PDF, 164.6 kb):

Cyber-safety initiatives to inform and educate parents and children about the risks of internet use and provide internet safety advice, tools and online help to the Australian community, particularly parents, and education
resources to schools.  Develop options for Government consideration of Internet Service Provider level filtering following the report of the current pilot. Providing moderation of the Youth Advisory Group online forum

Neither filtering or cyber-safety received a ministerial press release.