Update 17 March 2010: Here’s some interesting news. Ludlam has now won the seat, previously reported as being awarded to Senator Fielding. Senator Fielding – 35 votes, Senator Ludlam – 37 votes. Was this a revote?

Family First Senator Steve Fielding has won a seat reserved for minor party and independent senators on the Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety. He beat Greens Senator Scott Ludlam by two votes.

AAP reports:

A ballot was held in the upper house on Tuesday to decide which minor party or independent senator would be appointed to a federal parliamentary committee on cyber-safety.

In a very close secret vote, Senator Fielding was awarded the job with 34 votes to Senator Ludlam’s 32.

The Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety will look at online bullying, stalking, sexual grooming, the development of addictions, identity theft and privacy breaches.

The committee, which was proposed by Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Anthony Albanese, will investigate and report on:

  • abuse of children online (cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking and sexual grooming);
  • exposure to illegal and inappropriate content;
  • inappropriate social and health behaviours in an online environment (e.g. technology addiction, online promotion of anorexia, drug usage, underage drinking and smoking);
  • identity theft; and
  • breaches of privacy.
  • increasing awareness of cyber-safety good practice;
  • encouraging schools to work with the broader school community, especially parents, to develop consistent, whole school approaches; and
  • analysing best practice approaches to training and professional development programs and resources that are available to enable school staff to effectively respond to cyber-bullying.

Of course, Albanese also noted that the government will introduce into parliament legislation for mandatory ISP level filtering.