PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 game, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, has been refused classification because of high-impact violence. It brings the total number of banned games this year to five, making 2008 the worst year for game bans according to Refused-Classification.com (and it’s not even over yet).

GameSpot obtained the ACB’s report:

“The violence is considered highly impactful in such scenes as where Michael uses his sub machine gun to explicitly bisect an enemy, the two parts of the body lying separately on the ground, with copious blood spray. There are also a number of explicit close range decapitations involving both human and mutant creatures. The decapitations are the result of close-up throat slashing from behind and close-up gunshots to the throat,” the Board report says.

“All violence results in large blood spray: there are blood-stained interiors and blood sprays onto objects, including the camera lens. With weapons such as sniper rifles, bodies can be torn apart at close range, limbs are seen flying off and the wounded flesh is reduced to a bloody pulp. The use of nail-guns pins victims to a wall before they fall to the ground in a bloody mass. The scenes often have blood soaked walls and floors and the victims’ bodies do not always disappear.”

As Clive Hamilton said earlier this year, there is no censorship worth noting in Australia. Yeah, right Clive.