The new website for the Australian Classification Board reveals a comprehensive list of content that is Refused Classification (RC) in Australia.

Although this information has been available to the public in the past (unlike the contents of the ACMA blacklist of banned websites), to the best of my knowledge the grouping of this data has not been so easily accessible.

Screenshot of the Classification Board Database, Sunday May 17 2009

Screenshot of the Classification Board Database, Sunday May 17 2009

Using the the classification database search engine, visitor’s are able to display a list of banned films, books, magazines, publications and games dating back to 1972 with a few clicks. Click here to see a list of titles dating back to 1972 and here for a list containing more recent titles (some listings are duplicated in both lists).

The list also reveals the titles of content sent to the board for review by ACMA and Australian law enforcement agencies. In most cases specific details like URLs are not attached to these listings, but details of police operation names, exhibit and job numbers, and some file names are included. However, some URLs attached to CD-ROM submissions are included.

Because the list maxes out at 1000 listings, at this stage I cannot verify whether the list is complete.

Breakdown of lists:

– Banned Games
– Banned Films (includes ABA, ACMA & law enforcement submissions)
– Banned Publications