The Barnmeister scores another pointy for Ignorance

The Barnmeister scores another point for Ignorance.

I’m not going to waste much breath on Barnaby Joyce, but he’s concerned pornography available in petrol stations and corner stores is encouraging paedophilia. I know. I know. Another ripper from the Barnaby School of No Evidence.

Senator Julian McGauran also said shops are selling illegal, explicit magazines by disguising them in opaque packaging. McGauran said RC “or worse” is being put in the black jackets. I can think of only one type of pornograhy that is ‘worse’ than RC, and I highly doubt petrol stations are selling it.

The Classification Board says it classifies what they receive and don’t go looking for it. The A-G’s office says enforcement is a job for the police (might I add Fair Trading if in QLD). That’s a bit of a cop out though, because the ACB employs a community liason officer that could ‘educate’ some of these places about what they can and can’t stock. Maybe they cut that position?