Government Babysitter

Senator Conroy has given the green-light to ISP filtering, acknowledging it could affect internet speeds. In his speech to the Internet Industry Association last evening, he confirmed that the Rudd Government?s election commitment to introduce ISP level filtering would go ahead.Secure Computing Magazine reports:

?Labor has never argued that ISP filtering is a silver bullet solution, but it is an important step in the overall strategy to make the internet a safer place for children,? Conroy said.

Although he acknowledged ISP level filtering could potentially affect Internet speeds, Conroy added little else to quell concerns surrounding the issue, other than to say there would be a trial process to iron out any technical anomalies.

The Minister also released a press release welcoming a new report from the ACMA on filtering in use around the world:

?These filtered services will provide protection for children from internet websites containing harmful content.?

As many of us who disagree with the plan have noted, harmful content encompasses a huge range of content – anything from X rated material, to sites talking about health issues.

Like Stil says: last night was the perfect opportunity to reveal more details about the plan. Conroy chose not to and I suspect it’s because he still doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

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– Mike